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Mid-South Surgeon Recommendations


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Hi All - I'm new to posting to the forums, but have been lurking on and off for several years. I had a FUT procedure 5 years ago with Dr. Cooley. I've been taking Finasteride for the past 5 years, but now that has reached it's lifespan. I'm considering a FUE procedure and figured you guys could recommend some docs within a drive of the Nashville area. Looking for recommendations and why for any qualified Drs in St. Lous, Nashville, Atlanta, Louisville, etc. Also considering just having the scar repaired and shaving hair down short. The stress of the hair loss starts to wear on you after while. I'm sure everyone here can relate. Thanks to everyone for suggestions and look forward to participating more in teh forums.



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I lived in TN and took the drive up to Chicago. I can't think of any FUT doctors in the cities you talked about except for Atlanta. He can't be referred to by name on this forum and I don't really know why but I gather it's a touchy subject. You can Google him pretty easily I would guess, but I can't speak for his work because I don't follow him. What Norwood level were you and what are you now? How many grafts did you get? Fin is suppose the last at least 5 years for most people and unless you plan on shaving I would continue on fin.

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Hi Spanker - Thanks for the reply. That is another option that I've considered in making the drive to Chicago for Dr. Konior. I was between a 3 - 4A, just getting thin along the top of the head and crown. The Fin has done well for the last 5 years, but doesn't seem to be doing much at this point. Is there a benefit to continuing to take it at this point? I've been researching for the past couple of months and haven't found anyone in the area that I would trust. Going to do a little more and will probably contact Dr. Konior at least for an online consultation to discuss options, etc. Thanks again for the reply.

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