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Eyebrow transplant shock loss?

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I have thin eyebrows from years of overplucking. I have tried Rogaine and Latisse to regrow them with little success. I think the follicles are damaged and will not regrow. I am considering an eyebrow transplant to restore the thickness of my eyebrows. I have consulted with four top hair restoration surgeons - Dr. Keene, Dr. Shapiro, Dr. Wong and Dr. Rahal. Dr. Keene is worried I could be at risk for shock loss because I have existing eyebrow hairs. She said my native hairs could fall out and may or may not grow back. In my consults with the other surgeons, I was told this risk is minimal and if I do experience any shock loss it will only be temporary. I really want to have this procedure done, but I don't want to end up with less hair than I have now. Is there a significant risk of permanent shock loss wherein the native hairs do not grow back? Is there anything that can be done to prevent shock loss? I appreciate the feedback. Thank you.

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Hi I'm a month post op. I'm a male who has thick eyebrows but they thinned out on both inner and outers. So I got the inner and outers done. To regain an even shape. And obviously a part of that means graphs next to native hairs. I've copped a bit of shock loss. And at hoping that I get regrowth. Atm I do see myself as worse than I went in. But i only a month post op. Come month 4 if I still look the same I guess I will be upset. Can only wait and hope. But yes it is a real concern. And apparently is more common for women than men too.

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