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  1. I had an eyebrow transplant with doctor Rahal. One eyebrow did not grow in as well as he other. He couldn't tell me exactly why one didn't grow (there are lots of factors involved, one of which could be genetics) but he did offer me a free touch up procedure and put me up in their guesthouse at no charge. While I was unhappy with the initial results of my surgery, I have to say that his customer service is excellent. I can't speak to the result of my second surgery yet (I just had it 2 weeks ago) but I can say that I think the reason it is hard to find a negative review is because if a customer is unhappy they do everything in their power to satisfy them. I think it's important to consider how a doctor will handle a result that doesn't go as planned. I hope this helps.
  2. Thanks for the replies/encouragement. I did have holes in my skin for almost 6 months after the procedure. They looked like little pits. I was told that this is micro scarring from the incisions. I think the redness did make it look worse though. My skin is still pink and shiny in the recipient area. I'm told that it will eventually go away. I wish I was told before that it could take 6 months for my skin to return to normal. I was definitely not prepared for it to take this long!
  3. Here is my 6 month photos. There are still some areas that haven't grown in but you can see that the condition of my skin has improved.
  4. Hi everyone, I just wanted to give an update. I am not just passed the 6 month mark. The scarring on my recipient area has improved a lot in the past 6 weeks. I still have some lingering pinkness and microholes from the incisions, but the "pitting" I was most concerned with has smoothed over a lot. I guess it really does take 6 months for some people to heal fully. I think this is really important for eyebrow patients to know going into the procedure as it is a huge investment of time.
  5. I am 6 months post-op and I still have some pinkness in the recipient area. I'm told this is due to my fair skin. I guess it takes longer for the redness to fade for some people.
  6. Can anyone tell me how to edit a post on the hair loss forum? It says in the hair loss forum rules that you can eidt your posts but I can't figure out how to do it. Thank you.
  7. How can I edit my posts on the hair loss forum after they have been posted?

  8. Hi Joe, Thanks for your reply. I don't have any bumps on my eyebrow. What I have is holes or "pitting". I am currently at 5 months post-op. These holes have not improved since the procedure. Is it possible to have permanent scarring from an eyebrow transplant? If so, is this due to the incisions or the placement of grafts?
  9. Hi Jaynine, I was wondering how your progress is going? I had my eyebrow transplant 5 months ago and I have really bad scarring on one of my eyebrows. There are indentations that look like "pits" on my skin. Dr. R says that this is normal and that there will be "minute scarring" whenever an incision is made in the skin. I posted some pictures on a different thread if you want to take a look at them. I was wondering if you had any scarring on your eyebrows from this procedure and, if so, did it go away? I'm really worried as it looks really bad
  10. Hi everyone, I was able to take a very clear photo of the "pitting" on my right eyebrow. The last picture I attached shows the scarring above my eyebrow, but this picture shows the scarring below my eyebrow. Dr. Rahal called this "minute" scarring which he said is invisible to the naked eye. What do you guys think. Can you see the marks I am referring to?
  11. It's not a matter of whether the hairs grow to cover the scarring, I don't think I should have scarring like this to begin with. I don't see how these pits in my skin are going to go away. I was told this procedure would leave no visible marks on my skin and that I could shape my eyebrows however I want later. How am I supposed to shape them if the skin underneath is scarred? I have attached another picture of the area. The scarring is very visible and I've had no growth where the pitting is so I have nothing to hide it. Makeup doesn't work because it just sinks into the the holes. I am so upset I would rather have no eyebrows than have scars on my face. I am almost 5 months now, and my other eyebrow is fully healed with NO scarring.
  12. There was a message posted to thread by a user named "HareUpThere" that seems to have been deleted it so I am just reposting it. "Eyebrowqueen, I also had an eyebrow transplant with Dr. R. and can relate a lot with what you are going through. I think your brows look great, but I can see your concerns in your pictures if I take time to study them (ever so slightly). If you didn't mention the pitting/scarring I wouldn't have honestly noticed it at first few glances."
  13. Hello, I wanted to give everyone an update. I am now 4.5 months post eyebrow transplant. The scarring on my eyebrows has not seemed to improve. In addition to the pitting, I have two red, raised scars on the tail ends of my both my eyebrows. I tried to capture this in the picture but it is difficult because there is hair covering it. I know there is a risk of keloid scarring on the donor site, but has anyone ever heard of raised scarring in the recipient area?
  14. Hi MAGNUMpi, Thank you for your post. My doctor said that I need to wait until 6 months post op to reevaluate. He has offered to fly me to Ottawa to follow up with him in person which I appreciate. He said that my skin changes will calm down in the next few months. Hopefully this is the case and I am just overreacting. There is not a lot of information about eyebrow transplants so I am somewhat in the dark about what is and is not normal. I am really self conscious about the condition of my skin right now and it is causing a lot of anxiety for me. I was told that this procedure leaves no visible marks on the skin so I was really not prepared for this. Sean told me that he had visible scarring on his recipient area that has healed a bit so I am hoping for the same. I think the fact that it's on my face makes it worse because I see it every time I look in the mirror. I will keep you posted on my progress.
  15. Hi Rawkerboi, No I don't have a blog on the Rahal website. That is a different patient. I actually choose my username on here while I was still reseraching the procedure (before seeing her blog) so it is just a coincidence that we chose the same name
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