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Scar healing/redness post-op

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I'm 23 days post-op from my 3rd HT...


The right side of my scar has healed quite well....its a very faded light pink at this point.

The left side is still very red, and part of it is 'raised'. When at my surgeon's office to get the sutures removed, the nurse told me that the sutures got 'snagged' on that part..but it didnt really sound like she thought it was a huge issue.


I've been applying bacatracin to the area every day. Should I continue doing so, or should I apply Mederma instead? How typical is this, and what timeline should I allow before getting in touch with my surgeon? Thanks.

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It'll heal on it's own. During the beginning stages the scar will feel slightly raised, and lifted but over time it will heal, and not noticeable with the touch of your finger.




Nothing to be concerned about.


Redness takes a lot longer to fully dissipate.

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I've attached some photos, as I'm starting to get a bit more concerned.


Hair is now 1" in length, and the area of concern is visible even when I try to layer hair over it. The area is raised/inflamed, and sensitive to the touch. Concerned that it may be infected. Have used bacitracin for about 3 weeks.


Would you recommend getting in touch with my surgeon, or am I overreacting?






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that looks like some shock loss and a stretching has occurred, which can be addressed later


it does not look infected so no rush to doctor but to ease your fear, send him the pics


he'll just say you have to wait


keep us posted

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