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Dr. Lindsey 1 year follow-up on 150 FUE z-plasty repair (case 1) McLean VA

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This 16 year old son of a local doctor and his 18 year old brother (case 2 to be presented in a few weeks) both had lesions excised from their scalps by a local dermatologist. This evidently left a fairly large bald spot. A local plastic surgeon then did a z-plasty to narrow, but lengthen, the bald area. Both young men ended up with a small hypertrophic scar with no hair growing in it. After discussion with the parents about simply camouflaging this area with surrounding hair, both chose to proceed with a small FUE case.


We did roughly 90 doubles, and 60 single FUEs using a Feller 0.9mm punch uneventfully. Shown are 1 week, one month, 4 month and 12 month views. He’s really gotten a nice result and given how hard the scar tissue was in certain areas, he may thicken a little more by his final checkup at Christmas.


Although FUE is variable, and putting hair in a fairly hard scar is variable, given how they’ve scarred in the past, I did not offer strip as a harvest technique.

I’ve asked his mom to chime in with her thoughts on the forum as well. Hopefully we’ll see a post from her when they return from vacation.


Dr. Lindsey McLean VA














William H. Lindsey, MD, FACS

McLean, VA


Dr. William Lindsey is a member of the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians

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I posted my comment on my other son too. Glad we did it. Dr. Lindsay is blunt. Real nice staff. He went over all options. No hard sale here.Recovery was quick. He under promised and over delivered.Hair takes a while to grow.We still have hair in different stages of growth .

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