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Elite Hair Restoration clinic?

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Hi there,


I visited Elite Hair Restoration in Birmingham, UK today for a consultation. I'm 26, have receded noticeably in the V shape, beginning when I was 23, and the consultant recommended an FUT procedure of 1750 grafts. I don't have much money but providing I can pay smaller amounts monthly then it is possible, and the consultant assured me I could finance it this way (with 0% interest). Post treatment, once my hair is restored, I've been told I'll be supplied with Rogaine so as to try and prevent further hair loss in the areas I haven't had surgery, should my hair continue to recede.


The names of the surgeons are Dr. Camilo Diaz and Dr. Hassan Nurein. I researched both the clinic and the surgeons and have not found any substantial reviews or information. In fact all I could turn up was a couple of unresolved queries on these forums, a name drop on this website (??) - http://www.theartoftransplant.com/tag/camilo-diaz-hair-restoration - and a couple of comments on whatclinic - Elite Hair Restoration Birmingham - Private Hair Loss Clinic in Birmingham city center - WhatClinic.com.


Does anyone have any experience with this clinic or these surgeons? Is there anything suspicious about this or can I trust the information I've been given?


I'm entirely new to all this but if I'm going to go ahead with it I don't want to waste what little money I have, or end up with a poor transplant.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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In general you should be cautious if the clinic hasn`t a vast amount of results and patients reports online. You can contact the clinic and request properly documented results via Email. If they don`t provide you with, or if they`re not sufficient in quantity, and/or above average to excellent in quality, why wasting more time with them?


I`d suggest you take a couple of days/evenings/nights to read through the forum, to get the basics of HT. Mickey85, the most dedicated member here (beside the mods of course ;)) actually has written some threads in which he tries to sum up the most important. Search for any post of him, the threads are linked in his signature. Good luck :)

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