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  1. Just wondering if anyone knows whether or not I can expect the fin and min to kick back in at all? Is this common shedding temporary in other cases? Would really appreciate any info! Cheers
  2. Thanks mattj, at least I don’t have to blame myself! I wonder though will this shedding continue now? Is it even worth taking the medications given that they are so costly, and that minoxidil is such a pain in the arse to apply? Oh and I no longer shave my head, kept my hair mid length for about six or seven months.
  3. Hi everyone, I need some advice! I began using minoxidil and finasteride about fifteen months ago. At the age of 28 my hair had receded into an obvious widows peak over about ten years, and over the 18 months preceding the administration of hair loss drugs it had thinned significantly, from thick and tangly to thin and lank. I was shaving my head at the time I started the medications. Over about six months of using both finasteride and minoxidil my hair thickened to the point where I felt I could let it grow back. It wasn’t perfect but definitely an improvement. Prior to shaving my head I found my hair would fall out a lot during the shower, when combing and I would find hairs on my pillow. After letting it grow back and while on the meds this was not happening. People were commenting on how thick and wiry my hair looked. Great! I thought I had nailed it. Just under a year after beginning the treatment I went away for a couple of days and forgot the medications. On the third day I found the hair loss continued drastically. I obviously went back on both treatments and have been vigilant ever since but the shedding has continued for approximately 4 - 5 months, no sign of letting up. I also drank a lot of alcohol during the two day absence from using the treatments... I worried this could have impacted on its efficacy. What i’m wondering is, have I ballsed this up? Is there any going back? Was the couple of days missed just coincidental with my returned shedding? Cheers! -A
  4. Thanks for the advice guys. I'm also wondering what your opinion on surgeons is? Is it true that I should use a surgeon in the UK?
  5. Hi, last year I found myself researching HTs, but in the end just decided to shave my head and be done with it. Once shaved it wasn't all that obvious my hair was thinning and receding, and i had a lot of people tell me the skinhead look suits so me so I thought, problem solved! But the thinning is progressing very quickly, and I'm a lot less comfortable with the idea of a bald head than a shaved head, so I'm once again considering the procedure. Bit of info on myself - I'm 28, been slowly receding throughout my 20s but wasn't noticeable particularly till 26, and since then it has been thinning in general. I went for two consultations last year, one with elite hair restoration and the other I forget the name of, but that surgery had DR. Reddy working with them, who I read good things about. But since then I've researched more, and from this forum I get the general feeling that travelling to Europe is the best way forward, but I find that idea a bit overwhelming. I'm from the uk by the way. I do want it to be worth the effort and money though, so if it's necessary I'll do it. I'm also aware that because of my age I will need to take something to prevent the inevitable, and apparently rapid, continuation of hair loss. Can anyone share their experiences with hair loss drugs? I have heard some horror stories... This is something I want to do but I am not wealthy, and have no savings so I would have to pay for it on a monthly basis, spending probably a max of about 200 pounds a month. This may be a strange way to look at budgeting, but hopefully it makes sense! I would appreciate any info and advice you can give. Thanks!
  6. I believe I'm a norwood 3 male pattern baldness, hair receding at the front but don't THINK there's any loss on the crown. Dyeing it black for Halloween was a bad move though! Worst colour contrasted with my pale skin! I was seriously considering Dr. Raghu Reddy after a consultation with one of his clinic's reps but after watching some results on youtube I'm now not sure, although the HT's were performed on men with hair loss more severe than my own. Still, mine is VERY thin at the front now, and has definitely been getting worse every couple of months for the past year, so I've decided I'm going for it. I'm 27, and have been advised by two reps to take propecia first and continue indefinitely, due to my age resulting in a high likelihood of continued hair loss. I had my doubts about propecia but I'm starting to think the side effects are a risk I can take without too much worry (if anyone thinks otherwise please tell me and explain why). But where should I go for the best treatment? I don't want to have to repeat the procedure, I can't afford it, and a botched job would be worse than shaving my head cos I'd still have to pay all that money. Here are some pics, I was feeling brave so took them under a bright light. Thoughts?
  7. Hey, actually I'm 27! And apologies if my statement was unclear but I was trying to say the consultant told me it was LIKELY my hair would continue to recede. This is why I'm pretty sure I'll have to go on propecia should I go for the procedure. I believe my hair is already continuing, even only 3 - 4 months after the consultation. Which is why I'm now feeling I'll definitely go through with it. I will first get back in touch with The Private Clinic to find out how I should proceed. Thanks everyone for your advice, and I will continue to do research into the potential side effects of this drug before I agree to start taking it.
  8. Okay, thanks for the advice. I will seriously look into this. Does anybody know how to obtain propecia in the UK? I assume you can't get it on the NHS, but can I get a prescription from my GP?
  9. The consultant told me she thought it would be unwise to begin without already having been on Propecia for a number of months, and that she thought it very likely the surgeon would say the same, although I haven't actually met him yet. And also she said because of my age it's not unlikely my hair loss will worsen in the near future, and so propecia would be used as a kind of maintenance.
  10. And is finasteride an alternative to propecia? ..oh, just realised they're the same thing. But basically, would you say it would be fine for me to have a hair transplant after a course of propecia at age 27 and nw3?
  11. I'm 27 NW3, so would you say a transplant for me would be unwise?
  12. I was told in my initial consultation that it is recommended I begin a course of propecia for so many months before surgery, and, I think, to continue that afterwards, so hair loss does not continue, But I've read some awful reviews about propecia: loss of libido, testicular pain and, most alarmingly, erectile dysfunction, which, in some cases has been permanent! It seems a great deal of men have suffered with these side effects, so I can't see how taking propecia can be worth it. But I also agree it may not be worth having a hair transplant without propecia if my hair simply continues to recede or the newly transplanted hair isn't strong enough. Thoughts?
  13. Thanks for sharing your experience so meticulously - very helpful for those of us considering the procedure.