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Dr. Amir Yazdan

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I had 2 hair transplants now with Dr. Yazdan. I documented my case and experience on this site back in 2013. I can say that I had an excellent outcome with Dr. Yazdan. I went back and had a 2nd procedure to add more density into my crown. He had told me prior to surgery that he recommended 2 surgeries for me so it wasn't a surprise going back a 2nd time.


Since my surgery I have referred 3 people to Dr. Yazdan. My brother, my roommate, and my best friend. They all had very good results.


Maybe its possible you lost your natural hair and didnt see the difference from the transplant. All I can say is my experience was fantastic and so has been everyone that I have referred to him.

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He clearly didn't implanted the 2000 grafts he changed me for. I have already talked to different hair transplant doctors and they all agree by looking at my pictures that Dr. Yazdan did not implanted 2000 grafts. I tried to talk to him to show me the graft count from my procedure and he has never showed me anything.

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