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Hair straightening

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I was heading towards a norwood 3v.I have been using finastride and minoxidil for the last 4 months and it has worked really well for my crown.I cant see my scalp anymore.It is all covered.The meds havnet done any good to my hairline.So iam currently a norwood 2 with a big forehead.I have wavy hair so i cant really cover my big forehead.What i want to know is that if i straighten my hair in the front will it lead to hair loss.I want to straighten it so that i can just give it a falling look in the front.I just got inspired into doing so by seeing a friend who is a norwood 2 and straightened his hair in the front to cover his forehead.It looks good on him.Can i do the same.Is hair straightening risky?

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It won't accelerate your hair loss, but it could damage the hair shaft causing breakage. The chemicals they use are somewhat harsh.


I used to straighten my hair and I can tell you it also makes it a bit difficult to style. I would think it also might make your hair appear thinner. Generally wavy hair gives better scalp coverage.

I am the owner/operator of AHEAD INK a Scalp Micropigmentation Company in Fort Lee, New Jersey. www.aheadink.com

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