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Donor-area pain post-HT #3

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I'm 3 days post-op from my 3rd HT.


The donor pain has been pretty awful thus far. Have taken pain meds (tylenol w/ codeine and vicodin)..which help for 4-5 hours and then the pain comes zooming back.


I'm assuming its expected that the amount of pain increases after each HT...correct?


Those of you who've had 3 or more HT's...how long did the donor-area pain last? Any sleep secrets to share? I've popped a vicodin 20 minutes before bed...then repeated the process 4-5 hours later in the middle of the night. Is it unreasonable to be able to sleep through the night at this point? Not crazy either about taking these strong, potentially addictive pain meds.

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Did you get a travel pillow man?

I found using one to sleep kept some of the pressure off the painful areas. I used one for about a month after HT#2


If you've not had any work done on the temples also try to sleep on your sides and even front facing if possible

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