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They both have there place i think. For people who have a high norwood level (like i was) its good to be able to have access to as many grafts as possible.

I started off with FUT since i never have my hair short. Although some scars are less viable than others.

After X2 strip surgerys i then was able to do FUE to complete the job !

Quite a lot of the top suregons are now doing bigger sessions of FUE and i do believe the yield is about the same with FUT.

Its the scar that puts people off with FUT - although FUE can also leave very small scars.

I think its good that people can choose between them specific for there own needs. Or like myself have a combination of both.

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I have a thread in my signature which details the vital difference between both. I personally would consult with the best FUE surgeons(Lorenzo, Bisanga, Erdogan, Mwamba, Maras etc) to see what the general consensus is and if my situation could be remedied via FUE. If the general consensus was that I wasn't a candidate for FUE I would only then maybe look at strip or just not undergo hair transplantation at all. My opinion.

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