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I finally met Dr Bhatti on 22nd June 2014

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I finally met Dr Bhatti after 2 years of exchanging emails and phone calls. As some of you may know Dr Bhatti is here in Europe for Hair Transplant Business/meetings.


Dr Bhatti confirmed our meeting a week ago for Sunday 22nd June, so within the week I had get all my questions written down and ready for the day. As Dr Bhatti was very busy I decided to visit him at his hotel for 10am.


I must say meeting Dr Bhatti for the first time, he seemed very relaxed and very professional in his approach. I guess from this meeting I wanted to know what he could do for me and how many grafts I needed. He drew my hairline that I was happy with and advised me that I would need between 2000 - 2500 grafts, depending on how far I wanted to go back to my mid scalp, the density would be about 55-60 grafts per cm2.


In whole our meeting lasted just under 3 hours, I guess no other surgeon would have given that much time. At the end of our meeting Dr Bhatti told me he had 2 more patients to see but he was running late as our meeting went well overtime.


Dr Bhatti came over very caring honest and transparent. He answered every question that was asked with a calm and reassuring manner in the end I was extremely impressed.


In my opinion I have seen his work on his website, patients posting their results here on this site and other sites and I believe he is one of top surgeons in Asia, his affordability in price and his quality of results. I have read posts that some people are not happy with his results but for me Dr Bhatti is doing a fantastic job…..this is my opinion.


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Thank you for sharing!

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