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Hair Transplant experience with Dr. Alexander


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Alright, so I recently just had a hair transplant with Dr. Scott Alexander roughly about two months ago, and I wanted to share my story. When I was 18 years old, I had a hair transplant with Bosley in Scottsdale, AZ. They were a little hesitant about giving me the surgery due to my young age but gave it to me anyway as long as I was religiously on propecia. I got 1,422 grafts with them. After 14 months of waiting for a promising result, I wasn't happy. My hairline looked as if just a few extra hairs were added to it and a very pluggy look. After doing a lot of research and my homework, I found it out that they are a scam and will do anything to get you in the chair. I then found Dr. Scott Alexander and done a lot of research on him seeing if he could be the one to fix my problem and help me gain my confidence back. I then scheduled a consultation with him seeing what he had to say and if he could help me. With my age of being 20 years old, he normally would not touch me because I'm too young to be going through the surgery with the chance of further hair loss down the road. But, he wanted to fix the Bosley unnatural look I had going on. He also was upset with the noticeable scar they gave me and he told me he could fix it with a lot of confidence. Now it was just a waiting game. after a few months of saving up money for the surgery, I scheduled my 2nd consultation with him to finalize it and get a date set up. April 22nd, 2014 is when I scheduled to get my surgery with him. I was going to get 2,000 grafts. It was the day right after my birthday (kind of sucked that I couldn't celebrate my birthday with any drinks the night before but getting the surgery was more important to me.) but anyway, I went on at 7am, Dr. Alexander drew in a personal hairline for me that would look appropriate for my facial structure, then I was in the chair around 7:30am. I felt very comfortable with him and the staff they made sure that I was comfortable the whole time. What I realized with Dr. Alexander is that he took his time placing in the slits for the grafts because he chose carefully where he wanted them for a better result. It took him roughly 3 hours alone to do that. Bosley took 20 minutes max to do this. When he was done with that, I took a 20 minute break for a delicious lunch then got back in the chair for the techs to place in the grafts. Once again, I felt very comfortable the whole time. I watched a couple movies and even fell asleep. I can't believe I actually fell asleep during this! it was around 5:30pm when my surgery was finished. He even gave my an extra 200 grafts because he said I needed it. I am now two months in just waiting for their grafts to come in, very excited to see some growth and how well they come in! I am so glad that I found a great doctor like Dr. Alexander. He is honest, nice, and is a great surgeon. I think the results speak for themselves if you take a look at his patients photos. I would definitely come back to him for future work if I need it. My donor area is still good to work with despite having two surgeries but he is making me wait another 4 years before I get another surgery due to my young age. I am new to this site and I just wanted to share my story for anyone wanting a hair transplant. Him and his staff did an excellent job. I will keep you guys updated on photos, but for right now I have a youtube channel. you can find me by looking up "Roman Cvitkovic" or https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCTTsEnQU394ZvupJHNXDxw I document my hair on home videos through a webcam so go check it out! Thank you to everyone for taking the time to read this and I will keep everyone updated!

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Congratulations! Dr. Alexander is an excellent surgeon, and I'm so glad he was able to help you. Look forward to updates.

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Welcome! Thanks for sharing your experience with Dr. Alexander. I hope you'll continue to update us on your progress.


Good luck!

David - Former Forum Co-Moderator and Editorial Assistant


I am not a medical professional. All opinions are my own and my advice should not constitute as medical advice.


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