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Scalp Irritation Only At Night using Minoxidil Liquid


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I have been using Kirkland's 5% minoxidil liquid for the past few weeks. I get serious scalp irritation when I apply the liquid at night.


I wait for it to dry before going to sleep.

In about 3 hrs or so of sleep, I get up due to having a serious scalp itch. I literally have to scratch the top of my scalp where I applied the Minoxidil to get relief & coat my scalp with olive oil hair spray to soothe the irritation.


This irritation only occurs at night and not during the day.


Is there anyway I can avoid this from happening ? I thought of doing the following:



1. Applying the Minoxidil once every morning but use a 2ml instead of 1ml per application. Does minoxidil have to be applied more than once a day to be effective ?


2. Apply it once every evening wait for it to dry (takes about 2hrs) and then put some olive oil hair spray to provide relief to the dry scalp.


3. Switch to the Rogaine Foam which I don't prefer due to its fragrance, tendency to end up on my hair rather than scalp.


4. Wash my hair every evening before applying the Minoxidil ? I am unsure how often i should shampoo. I currently do it 3 times a week with Patene Pro V Shampoo.


Thanks for your help !

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Couple of suggestions:


1. Some topical liquids have propylene glycol which can cause mild skin irritation in some persons. Try looking for 5% minoxidil in some alternate brand names like CVS or Walgreen's which might be using something other that PG.


2. Nizoral shampoo also helps. 3-4 times a week.


Hope this helps.

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Try alternating using the liquid in the morning and the Rogaine foam in the evening. I defiantly find the foam less irritating to my sensitive scalp. The fragrance will have worn off by the morning so you won't smell like a tart. If you leave the foam in your hands for a couple of seconds the heat from your hands will turn it into liquid form, this might help with it getting stuck on your hair instead of reaching your scalp. (Every time the foam gets stuck in your hair think thank fuck I still have hair for this stuff to get stuck in.)

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