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HT in Istanbul beginning of June!

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After over four years a member here I have finally decided on an HT / FUE procedure. I haven't exactly rushed into it and I'm thankful and grateful for all the help, advice and support from many members here over the past few years.


I've finally signed up to go to Istanbul (not Constantinople!) for five days in June. Flying from the UK via Amsterdam to Istanbul.


I'm a Norwood 5(a), but hey, we are ALL more than just a number on a door aren't we! So hopefully I'll 'at least' lose the (a) of that Norwood Scale, but in reality I'm after a little bit more progress! all in good time.


I've waited this long (as you'll see from my membership!) so I'm a reasonable patient and realistic person as to what can be done, what to expect and over what period of time.


The surgeon will be conducting ALL of the procedure himself (very hands on) over two days, spending approx seven to eight hours on 'each' session. Looking at around 4500 grafts in two separate procedures of FUE.


His name is Dr Ali Emre Karadeniz and following his general grounding as a medic, he trained and specialised in plastic reconstructive surgery, before then branching out into HT. He's been a speaker and member of the ISHRS for a number of years now.


Probably like many of you who have been through this or are about to go through it, (and I'm just over a week away so it feels rather surreal right now), I am rather apprehensive & nervous, if truth be told. On the flip side of that, I am feeling positive that I'm making a proactive move to take control of something in my life that I'm lucky enough to have in my power to change (I have the finances now and the strength of character to see this through and I don't take that for granted as many people out there in today's economy just sadly don't have that luxury right now).


I'm well aware just how fragile and momentary life is. We only have 'one life' and if we can enhance it in some small way then 'why not.'


So I've been planning and researching and saving for the past four years now, just a little bit put aside each month in the piggy bank!

It really doesn't feel quite 'real' at this moment as I type all this, that in just over a week's time I'll be in Istanbul (in a country I'm totally unfamiliar with) and I'll be volunteering to put myself under the knife (small as it may be!) and in the trusting hands of another professional.


To be honest, I feel quite 'alone' in doing this journey and I envy those of you who have family and friends to support you in this enterprise.


And the aftermath poses some questions and concerns too, such as how to cover things up until my head looks more 'natural' again. I tend to wear hats and caps anyway, so maybe that's the way to go. But 'I know' there's plenty of advice on the board here.



As I said initially, I've been a member for over four years now and the admin staff have been first rate and so approachable, and the members 'here' are a class act too, with everyone I contacted over the years getting back to me with well balanced support, advice and suggestions. So thank you. This is a rather unique friendly and safe oasis on the WWW in a world where often the stigma and ridicule of male pattern hair loss is often the same as that of mental health conditions(an area that I specialise and work in).

All rather sad.


Anyway, I shall endeavour to get photographs...etc to catelogue all this, as I 'know' you guys appreciate that, to help others make a balanced, impartial and informed decision if and when you decide on this course of action & feel that it is 'for' you.


Kindest Regards, Campbell.





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You're welcome.

Very professional surgeon, clinic and team. He's totally hands on over six hours or longer, whatever it takes.

Will give full write up , details and overview in 6 months once hair & head balances out and we see some regrowth after the inevitable shedding season!





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I am also considering longevita, did you go Dr. Emre Karadeniz by longevita? Longevita say the price is 1500 euros. How much did it cost to you?


I saw your 4th month pictures. Too much dimples but did they get well and when?


You say 3800 grafts in your profile page but here 4500 grafts over 2 days which is correct?

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