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May 12th - 1836 grafts with Dr. John Diep


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Hello everyone,


I had been lurking around this forum from last couple months to gather as much as information I could about FUE and/or Dr. John Diep. I live in bay area and really wanted someone local to work with.

I consulted Dr. Diep in late February. Although I had seen some of his work before but at that point I did not have much information about him. Consultation was great. The work he showed me of course was impressive but what really impressed me how approachable he was. He explained me all the steps and guided me through what's involved. His personality made all the difference for me to make a decision to go ahead with him.


Finally I had my FUE done with him on May 12th at this Los Gatos clinic. Procedure felt quick but it lasted at least 8-10 hours. I was scheduled for 2000 grafts but he had issues extracting more grafts from my donor area so final number was 1836 grafts. I was told about it after the surgery and of course they refunded the amount.


Minor discomfort but no pain. As a matter of fact, I have not taken any pain killers so far. Everything is looking great.Let me share some of the pics I took and would be great to get some feedback from the community.


If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ping me here.


Day 1 pics attached :





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