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  1. your hair looks solid too man, doc did a great job!
  2. who said that? at the time I was impressed with Dr. Dieps work and he was in cali so i went to him.. I am sure if i were to do it now there would be other viable options as well.
  3. nope, no meds., and I am 35 years old. I THINK so far so good, I can obviously tell when I examine closely where my native hair begins and where he transplanted, and it doesn't seem to have gone further back. My hair loss was weird, I felt it happened al of a sudden when I was like 24-25 and it didn't really go back any further. I could be wrong, but nothing is noticeable yet..hopefully stays this way!
  4. I would say probably 2.5 inches on corners and slightly less in the middle.
  5. yea, here is one from right before the surgery where he drew the hairline.
  6. thanks man - yea, it's looking really good, best decision ever!! I know a lot of guys post up to 1 year then you don't hear from them again, so I wanted to continue to post ever year or so.
  7. Hi all! It's been a minute, can't believe how fast time is flying. Here are some pics from last month that I wanted to share.
  8. I got it right before I turned 30. No medication, just taking mens one a day, fish oil, b complex and a good biotin.
  9. thank you nah - just taking mens one a day, fish oil, b complex and a good biotin.
  10. hello everyone!! Been a while since i last posted, here are some updated pics of my hair from the last year. The slick back look was last summer, i cut a good amount off but growing it back the top and sides to be able to slick it back. If it wasn't for this forum I would have probably never found Dr. Diep which is why I will do my best to keep this thread updated. Is my HT perfect? No, also, the hair definitely looks denser if its longer, but still very thankful and fortunate to have such a good HT.
  11. hello everyone, thanks for all the positive words - haven't logged in a while here, will post some new pics of current hairstyle in a bit.
  12. yes - these are all my pics throughout my recovery.
  13. density on the right is a less less than the left, but not a big deal.