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Propecia !


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Why are so many Lawsuits .... above 400 pending in NY , against propecia ? surely that many lawsuits filed must be no joke , people have suffered at great lenghts , I do not think all is falsehood , and imagine 400 in NY , we r not even counting other states or countries ... guys in sweden the package is written in BOLD .... May cause PERMANENT sexual dysfunction in males even after quitting , ditto for ITALY !


and the labels here also have been changed twice , now we all know the politics of FDA and drug companies , I just need to acknowledge I WILL NOT Touch this drug until further Clarity , I do not want depression and suicidal thoughts over hair . Not worth Life sorry !! those who r happy to play with Life ... do so , I want to CELEBRATE Life ... not play wit it for some chunks of hair , after all bladness has been through the ages since man evolved , its not a disease its a facial character that deffrences one person from the other !!



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