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  1. Mark2010 said that Propecia causes Depression without giving any Valid scientific study . now what this does is that Many guys who read such posts , get pissed off and Never Try / quit Propecia as they do not want Depression . And so they eventually loose their Battle against Hair loss due to this .
  2. This Mark2010 guy always comes up with these horror stories about propecia . its not new for him he is a total retard , just check how many posts he has regarding Propecia since so many years , I think he has No creative work left in life . I remember earlier some 8 months back "Spanker" had told me to ignore his posts as this Mark2010 guy was trying to push that propecia was the cause behind Depression with No valid scientific study . I think he has some phobia .
  3. I am not arguing the lasting of the surgery , I am saying that density in the first year does not Hold after 14 months ... I think you got confused , The density that you enjoy at the start of the 8th Month till around 14 months , drops in the coming months and years .
  4. I guess everyone does get itching after a HT , and that goes On and Off , but no one can really get rid of it , seems that the constant punching of the scalp makes it more DRY and Sensitive , If that wud lead to a Hair fall of Transplanted hair ? I really don't know ! All I can vouch for is that after about 14 months or so the Transplanted Hair looks thinner and less dense , I have spoken to many ppl and almost all agree that the Hair does not look as Dense as it did at months 10 , 11, 12 , 13 . Actual Patients have reported this on this forum many times , BUT No one is sure what cause
  5. Any one uses Caboki hair fibres ? I just wanna Try but need Inputs before spending on it .
  6. hey David do you still take propecia ? I remember that in the last procedure with Dr.Bhatti you had restarted the Propecia ... but one year gone ..... do you still take it ?
  7. hi , looks quiet sparse esp. the frontal hairline , But you still have 3 more month to Mature , I dunno if at 9 months that is all the grafts that have grown , But you definitely have some more time for them to Mature and thicken . Overall at this point its an Average or Less than Average Result considering the amount of grafts they have already used . Not Impressive , but if you are Happy then all that Matters !
  8. hey Loags , i think you also might have completed 2 years , pls update us with your hair as you have also been a Radha patient .... and No concealers pls
  9. well I agree to disagree to Mr. Sethicles . We do not document that FUT has 95 % V/s FUE 80 % , it is very well documented by Patients and Most veteran Doctors agree that FUT is the gold standard , we did not publish the standards . Yes its true that scars are a problem in FUT with a short Buzz , but then you definitely get Great Results when compared Oranges to Oranges , Not to say that some results do Fail , But then No one said that FUE is Total Success . The point here is NOT to dispute anyone , but to educate the fellow sufferers that yes FUT is superior with Yeild and Yes th
  10. without a grain of doubt , FUT is far far more grafts growing when compared to FUE , as we all know by now that FUE is approx 80% v/s FUT that games for 95 % survival as the Fat surrounding the FUT grafts are meatier and more so its NOT a Blind technique , that said I think people just get put off by someone cutting their skull open as opposed to drilling it with thousands of punches which I think is MORE Trauma that cutting as we all know that HT works on the superficial skin and not in the deep areas of the Head so No one is really going Mental or Nuts Here I think as dr. feller has rig
  11. I don't see much improvement either , I feel for you bro , not many times do we see a Mediocre Result from Dr. Radha , and considering the FUT scar stays for life , I would probably suggest you try FUT again becos FUE cud result in a Lower yield , One again be aware that a 2nd HT is usually Slow to grow and Might not be as successful as the 1st one due to Trauma and scar tissue , anyways I am not an expert , Pls consult your Doc . But I would definetely advice a 2nd HT , the mid is quiet empty ,
  12. Wow watta Debate , in this cross fire , the only guys who gain are the Patients , so much indepth knowledge was never presented to patients even during Consultations , I really do not know which one is correct or Both the docs are correct , BUT one thing I do know , is THAT know each one knows the pros and Cons , so a Better Informed decision can be arrived at by us . Like to thank Both Dr. Feller and Dr. Bhatti .... for their valueable inputs !
  13. Great Results Darling Buds and Dr. Bhatti , very Natural hairline beautifully done .
  14. Hey Denny , just waiting for your 1 year Update , u r super Lucky bro , U already have stellar results . I have a question which you can easily answer : I saw your Pre and Post Operation Photos , and I just wanted to know that did Dr. Edrogan Put in the Grafts in the areas that already had hair in the recipient area ? As I can see that you had a good bit of density already in the frontal Mid Scalp . And while doing that , did it Harm the existing Hair ? Did all the Original Native Hair in the Recipient area grow Back after shock ? Or you think you Lost some Original Hair due to
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