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Hair transplant rookie

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Hi, I've decided my hair loss needs addressing so I've made a decision to have a HT within the next 12 weeks.


So far I have visited 3 UK based companies, with one advising on a 3000 graft FUT, and the other two offering a 2500 graft FUE. All three prices were very similar.


All three advised that a follow up procedure would be needed 12 months later, for approximately another 2000 grafts.


Maybe I was a little naive but I thought it could all be done in one procedure, but they said that 3000 was max for FUT and 2500 for FUE - why is this so? I understand that some people have had up to 5000 grafts in one procedure i.e in Turkey.


Has anybody on the forum had experience of a circa 5000 graft transplant in Turkey? Thanks in advance

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The only surgeon I'd be willing to see in the UK is Dr Lorenzo at Farjo for FUE! as for strip if u want a mega session the best place to go is probably Hasson and wong in vancouver! there are other great strip surgeons that'll offer megasessions Rahal, Konior, Feller etc all of these are great, I wouldn't really recommend any british strip surgeons... In my experience they're light years behind the ones I've mentioned!


Stay away from places like the hospital group, or any big faceless companies... never a good idea to trust these with your scalp IMO

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