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MSM After HT - Any Side Effects


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Today is 14th day that i had my HT. I had some native hair already which I buzzed down to 1 cm for surgery. Still have one more week of vacations. Was hoping to get some growth back.


Read somehwere that MSM really quicken the hair growth. Is there any side effect? Plus how long does the medicine kick in? Like if i start taking it today it will immediately start working?


For people who don't know MSM


"MSM stands for methylsufonylmethane. It’s a sulfur compound that can be found in the body and in our food. Taking MSM helps to grow thicker hair faster. It assists the body to make collagen and keratin. The hair fiber is composed of keratin. MSM helps to produce collagen and collagen strengthens the hair fibers. Collagen also leads to thicker hair by increasing the diameter of each individual hair strand. Studies have shown that increasing collagen production leads to a 36% increase in hair growth. Another benefit of MSM is that stimulates hair growth by improving scalp circulation. The increased scalp circulation gives life to hair follicles that have become inactive.


There are as many benefits of MSM as there are options to include it into your diet. MSM is a nutrient that can be found in meat, milk, tea, and coffee. As a supplement, it can be taken in pill form, as a capsule, powder, or as a topical preparation. Make sure to drink plenty of water when supplementing with MSM.


Taking supplements can give your hair growth measures a real boost. They help compensate for any nutritional deficiencies so that your hair receives everything it needs to grow long, thick, and healthy. Make sure to read the labels of your supplements and to never exceed the recommended daily amount. Good luck on your healthy hair journey."

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Used it after my first HT and I agree it helps with faster growth of native hair post procedure.


I did notice an increase in sebum plugs / scalp blackheads while on it, and I don't take it anymore and I almost never get those now.

I think it's mostly benign in causing side effects.

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