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want to use minoxidil but it should be absolutely alcohol free

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I don't think there's such thing as alcohol free minoxidil. I wonder if it would even work without alcohol?


Anyway I don't know how your religion works specifically but I thought you couldn't consume alcohol? isn't it okay to just rub some minoxidil on your scalp? It's just like suffering a cut and using rubbing alcohol, would that be prohibited?


Good luck, you can always just start with finasteride if you're not on it yet.

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i have seen the content of rogaine foam...it does not have ethy alcohol which is not allowed in our religion...where as cethyl,benzyl,stearyl,cetearyl alcohol r allowed in our religion

what about the rest of the company who produce minoxidil foam r also free from ethyl alcohol or ethanol

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You could consider Finasteride or Fincar as its made in India and inhibits DHT main cause of hairloss. Fincar comes in 5mg and you purchase a pill splitter and quarter it to take 1.25mg daily.

Spiro s5 cream could be worth a look at but i tried it and it stinks. I would look at http://www.hairlosshelp.com/ on the forum as that is more geared to a cure than HT site, it has alot of information regarding saving hair.


Interesting post regards your religion and unable to rub alcohol on your skin.


Good luck

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