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Sudden increase in shedding. Help!

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I am a 28 year old woman and have been experiencing genetic hair loss since I was 18. I have been taking Androcur since then, which had stabilized the shedding and last year had HT surgery with Dr Wong.


I recently had a blood test done and was found be to a bit low in B12, iron and vitamin D. I bought supplements for this in addition to a "hair, skin and nails" multivitamin (my choice, thought it may be good to add). Within a few days of starting these, my hair loss noticeably increased. After taking it for a week or two, I stopped taking them as I was really worried. The hair loss reduced a bit but was still not as low as it was before I started. I have seen my doctor and she said it's not possible for the vitamins to have caused it but it doesn't make sense as there can be no other reason for it (that i can think of). She said it's more likely for the deficiency to cause it but I have noticed a pattern. I restarted the supplements as my doctor insisted they were important (especially the b12) and the shedding has increased again.


I don't know what to do. Even when I stopped taking the vitamins, the loss was more than I had become used to. Now I'm petrified that I spent all this money on HT surgery (haven't even paid off the credit card yet) and it's all going to be for nothing. I thought it was going to buy me some more time. The weird thing is that the shedded hairs are also all thick, healthy looking ones as well which wasn't the case originally.


Does anyone have any ideas what it could be? It doesn't make sense to me that medication which has worked for 10 years is just going to stop working.


Thanks so much in advance :)

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I think it's related to something several months ago in your life/routine, I don't think the vitamins are the cause and are probably coinciding to make you think that way.


What does your doctor say about Androcur efficiency period btw?

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I have no idea what it could be. There's been no change that i can think of. Is it possible that my body stopped absorbing the Androcur because I've been taking it for too long?

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