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Urgent!! Help needed to restore my hairloss


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Dear Experts,


I am 34 years old female who is suffering hair loss since last 10 years. I tried almost every treatments in a hope to restore my hairs. But unfortunately all money, time and hope is lost as nothing gr8 is happened. I was looking for transplant but as per doctors; it is not possible as I dont have donor area in my entire body. Currently I have small small hairs which gives a feeling that I will be restored.... but when time passes and length increases It started falling. I do feel roots are there in almost all area of scalp except 1 or 2 spots. But it is not growing.


Can anyone help me how to overcome this issue. Is there is any treatment through which I can gain my self esteem. I lost all hope in life guys please help me.


I was give annacott but it seems it is also not very effective. I am looking for synthetic hair transplant but have some doubts. Is it workable? And if I go for this treatment what will happen to my existing hairs?



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we need pics to help assess!

Paulygon is a former patient of Dr. Parsa Mohebi


My regimen includes:

HT #1 2710 grafts at Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration in Los Angeles in 2012

Rogaine foam 2x daily, since 2012 (stopped ~10/2015)

Finasteride 1.25mg daily, since 2012 (stopped ~12/2015)


HT #2 3238 grafts at Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration in Los Angeles in Jun. 2016

Started Rogaine and Propecia in July. 2016 after being off of them for about a year.

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