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Using monoxidil and blow dryer?


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Okay, here is how I apply my monoxidil. I use the liquid form immediately after I get out of the shower while my hair is wet, apply it where it is needed. Because monoxidil makes your hair dry slower, I use a blow dryer for like 1 minute to fasten the drying process so I can style after it dries quicker, is monoxidil still effective if I do this?

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Some time back, I read that the company responsible for Rogaine does not recommend using a blow dryer after applying the product. They state that the heat may cause evaporation of the solution. Frankly, I cannot find another source to verify this information. Other sources claim it is okay to blow dry on "low heat," but most recommend blow drying the hair first and then applying the minoxidil.


I hope this helps!

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If you apply minoxidil to a wet scalp it won't do anything at all--that's for sure because you are diluting the active chemical. And, blow drying is also wrong because once it's dry it can't

migrate into tissues; you're just wearing it--in diluted form--on the top of your scalp.


Might also interest you to know that when (been using since it's invention, about 1985) I started using the extra strength (5%) solution it didn't work because I went outside too soon after applying--sometimes right away. Wasn't until I realized it should have been working better and waited 2 hours before going out that I saw all the gains I'd been missing--what a waste, I did that for 5 years! So, I could have had huge gains if I started the right way!





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