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3581 Graft Procedure w/ Dr. Glenn Charles...


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Hey everyone, fist time poster! However, I've been reading this site for a long time. So a preliminary thank you to all for your posts b/c without the information presented here I wouldn't have found Dr. Charles and could have ended up with a much more regrettable experience.


Anyways, Dr. Charles was amazing. From my first few inquiries w/ his patient educator, Alexia, I knew this office was going to give me the personal attention I wanted when making this decision. They separated themselves from many other top clinics, in my opinion, with their prompt followup and professionalism. I figured if they give me this much time before I've spent a dime, I can expect great care during and post surgery.


I couldn't have been more right!


Surgery went off without a hitch (1-7-10). I've healed really quickly and got to spend a solid week in Boca Raton.


Dr. Charles is full of energy and you can tell he takes tremendous pride in his work. I got my hair washed the next day then went in the day before I flew out for a final inspection and ended up talking w/ him for 30 minutes. Since then I had my sutures removed last Friday (1-15-10) and have gotten follow up calls from the office to check on my progress.


All in all, they exceeded my expectations! I'll be posting some pics and setting up a blog w/ more details about graft count, etc.


Just wanted to put it out there for anyone trying to decide, "should I or shouldn't I?" I debated a long time and finally went for it and am anxious to see the results.


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The overwhelming opinion regarding Dr Charles is that he is extremely dedicated to patient care! Very cool in my opinion! I've even heard reports of him giving his cell phone number to patients, just in case there is any sort of issue!

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