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Good Experience with Dr. Alexander


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Hello everyone, I had my HT at the end of last year with Dr. Scott Alexander in Phoenix, AZ. I had cold feet the day before but I am so glad I went through. I can't say the surgery isn't challenging, in a way, but everyone at Biltmore Surgical helped to make it go as smooth as possible.


The good thing about strip procedures is that the worst part comes first, and the easier (for the patient) at the end, so once you're through the first step you easily get relaxed and mostly only need to be patient. The strip incision was done very carefully, I didn't see or feel even a little blood. The injections for the second step were painful but that only lasted a few seconds. The cutting of the slits felt uncomfortable on the scalp, for some reason, but not painful at all. In the other room four assistants were preparing the grafts. ACell (recommended by the doctor) was used in this phase. The final step was carried out by two assistants, one of which seemed very experienced. The number of grafts was lower than expected so I guess the plan was adjusted accordingly.


The doctor and the helpers were all friendly and carefully talked me through all the steps. In the end I received a kit and written instructions which were very helpful all through the first week. The difficult part for a patient comes when you get home as you need to be extra careful and learn how to deal with your new situation. I recommend taking a week off especially if it is your first HT.


Overall I had a great time in Phoenix. The accommodation included in the package was amazing, an historical resort located in the Biltmore area. The natural scenery when you move around Phoenix is breathtaking, with low mountains in sight everywhere you go. The airport is also quite comfortable.


I usually like to walk or go by public transport but the streets in Phoenix are so big you really need to get a taxi or a car every time you go out (you get to know taxi drivers from all over the world). I recommend doing some shopping on the day before the surgery, including some headwear that will feel comfortable and will keep your head as cool as possible. I had a light and oversized cotton beanie but still it was not suitable, so I bought a summer running hat online. A set of sterile towels would also have been handy but I didn't had the chance to get it. The kit I received had two pillow covers but I never lost any blood while sleeping.


Soon I'll post photos in the patient results section...


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Congratulations on your recent hair transplant with Dr. Alexander! Thanks for taking the time to share your experience. I hope you'll also share your pre and post-operative photos with us so we can follow your hair restoration journey.


Please keep us posted.

David - Former Forum Co-Moderator and Editorial Assistant


I am not a medical professional. All opinions are my own and my advice should not constitute as medical advice.


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