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Advice Please


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I've never heard of them. Is there a particular reason you are in contact with this clinic? There are several other top notch clinics whom people on here have had very positive experiences with. Have you considered them?

2,200 FUE + PRP with Dr Bisanga - BHR Clinic, 22-23 August 2013 - http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/171950-my-fue-2-200-prp-dr-bisanga-bhr-clinic.html


Current Regimen:

- Rogaine 5% Foam 2x daily

- Jasons Restorative Biotin Shampoo 2x daily / Nizoral 2% 2x weekly

- Nettle Root 500mg, MSM 1500mg, Biotin 5mg, Multi Vit, Omega 3

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You need to understand there are a lot of clinics out there that produce sub-standard, shoddy results. If you can't find much about them online, I hate to say it, but chances are high they're not particularly good. People's lives have been destroyed by novice work, so tread carefully.


You should go with ones of the doctors supported by this site.

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In answer to JD they have offered me a far better deal than other clinics.


This is the first HT forum I have looked at and I think it could be as valuable to me as it has to thousands of others but I seek advice rather than a referral to your preferred doctor.


Has it even occurred to you that a clinic in Turkey might have non English speaking clients (that may or may not be happy with their HT) that don't post on this website.


It may be a shot in the dark but can anyone else out there advise me about the quality of the work done at the Estepera clinic in Istanbul?

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