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Extremely thin hair effect Hair Transplant

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So if I ever were to get a hair transplant in the future wouldn't the the fact that I have extraordinarily (natural) thin hair make my hair transplant look like pure crap? I mean I can see my scalp with a strong enough light or by getting it wet......

lol...some of your Hair transplants have way moreee thickness than my hair.


I'm pretty sure I'm right in saying this, but I would practically get zero density?


Am I right guys?

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If it is that bad, you will not get as good of a result. But I would argue that many people, even non balding people can see their scalp under strong enough light and when wet. You would get the same density as someone with thicker hair (i.e. 50 grafts per cm2 or whatever is planted) but it would just look more thin.

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