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Any Minoxidil 2% Success Stories?


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Hi guys,


Been losing my hair for roughly a year, mid-20s, mostly on the crown at the moment.


My scalp isn't visible yet but since my hair is naturally fine, I figured taking a proactive approach would be wise.


I was wondering if anyone on this forum has ever had (continued) success with 2% Minoxidil?


Stumbled upon this earlier (Rogaine product description): The 2% showed results in 46% of men. The 5% liquid showed results in 64% of men. The 5% foam showed results in 85% of men.


I understand that the efficacy of the 2% isn't adequate for some, but my question is if someone is lucky enough to fall in that 46% of people, is there any particular advantage in using the 2% Minoxidil?


For example, is there less initial shedding with the 2% than the 5%?


Is there any point at all in me trying the 2% first and only switching to the 5% if I don't see results? Or will I just be wasting my time altogether :confused:


Planning to purchase my first batch of Minoxidil next week so any input would be greatly appreciated.



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Using any kind of topical Minoxidil is basically a win-win situation. The only downsides I can think of are,


1. It's kind of annoying to use

2. It's not free

3. Tends to promote general growth of body hair (not just on your head)


Some people do shed initially, if this happens just keep using it and eventually your hair will stabilize and come back stronger.


In terms of what is does for your hair, worst case scenario you don't notice much of a difference but it helps stabilize your hair. Best case scenario, you experience noticeable regrowth. Don't expect miracles, but again you can only stand to gain from using it.


If 5% is about the same price as 2%, I think you should get the 5%. Otherwise from my understanding the 2% is usually enough. You're supposed to apply it twice per day, but a lot of people still get results just doing 2% once per day. With 5%, you could probably get away with once per day easier.


The biggest obstacle to using Minoxidil is just having to deal with applying it every day... a lot of people get frustrated their hair doesn't quickly and noticeacly improve and then they throw in the towel. But if you can tolerate spending 1 or 2 minutes putting it on, you should just do it.

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