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Injertocapilar-Farjo Dr. Lorenzo 1525 FUE

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This shows a hair transplant performed on a 29 years old patient. He started with finasteride before surgery to stabilize the loss.We noted an improvement to his crown as well as one with his overall hair texture with the meds.

We carried out a 1525 FUE procedure to cover the frontal area.


1525 FUE


(3353 hairs, 2,19 hairs/graft; 0.8-0.85 mm punch),
















Edited by Mick from Farjo

Patient coordinator for Dr. Bessam Farjo who is an esteemed member of the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians

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Mick I was talking to a highly respected top surgeon last year no point mentioning name but everyone will know him as one of the best in the world, I asked him if he was to have fue surgery who would he have do his and he told me he'd personally want Dr Lorenzo work on him I was shocked because I'd never heard of him now just looking at Dr Lorenzos work coming through on line now I can see why. He is amazing with regards to coverage he gets from such a low amount of fue grafts so its great to have someone like that in the uk.

Bonkerstonker! :D




Update I'm now on 12200 Grafts, hair loss has been a thing of my past for years. Also I don't use minoxidil anymore I lost no hair coming off it. Reduced propecia to 1mg every other day.


My surgeons were

Dr Hasson x 4,

Dr Wong x 2

Norton x1

I started losing my hair at 19 in 1999

I started using propecia and minoxidil in 2000

Had 7 hair transplants over 12200 grafts by way of strip but

700 were Fue From Norton in uk

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