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    Thinning on Top only (Genetic Baldness)
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    In the last 10 years
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    Maintain Existing Hair

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    Dr. Victor Hasson
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  1. Future Ht Doc !! Boom well I guess we’re in the future now Blake that’s awesome mate. Im resurfacing on the forums mainly because I’d like to hide my scar better it’s 30cmm long by 3-4 mm wife from what I’m learning it really is a role of the dice that fue into the scar will work I’m unsure whether to go for it. What would you say is good starting amount of fur grafts into scar first time round? I’m sure would need few sessions due to blood flow cheers mate.
  2. Check again loads on my blog. In link Scroll down press my journal
  3. No the 2471 grafts are extra ive had more procedures since my last results on the blog but I cant get better photos than them photos the extra grafts only made difference in person can't be seen on photos so I never added more. So to be clear by 6 months of surgery 4 my hair was amazing but hair greed made me do more as under extremely bright light I could see gaps the extra procedures got rid of that problem but you can not see any difference in photo.
  4. Well to begin with I'm gonna open with my hair troubles seem like a different life time to me. I was done on my second transplant but because I'm very fortunate to have huge amounts of donor I kept going which improved things each time. It see seems odd to say that as I do remember the mental pain of losing my hair and the thought id never get my hair back but as I say I'm very good now. I don't remember my full journey as its so long ago but if you check the signature below it will tell you my transplant history and my blog below with link to photos were filled in vey well over my journey through the ups and the downs. If you have any questions I'm sure I will be able to think back about specific parts. What I do remember now was I'm one of only a handful of people in the world to have Hasson and Wong both do my hair due to Dr Hasson having a accident outside of work so he couldn't do my surgery Dr Wong stepped in to do it. I stopped minoxidil about 4 years ago with no reverse effects. Any questions fire away? I will be back on the forum until the questions stop then I will go back to forgetting about my troubled past. Ps I've been on 1.25 mg finesteride every day for 17 years I recently had my first son born 5 months ago who was conceived while on the drug he was conceived within 3 months of trying and he was perfectly normal when born. Thanks
  5. Man I'm seriously thinking about boosting my graft count from 12000 grafts I've already had to 14000 just for the hell of it lmao. Some great work going on now!!!
  6. I've been off the scene for lot of years now, I was just passing through and noticed this, is was thinking bloody hell that scar is none existent then saw Dr Wong does fue now lol what a legend could be tempted for fue in my scar but don't think it would grow well in scar tissue. Hi Doug, Lorenzo, Spanker Hope you're all well.
  7. How come you came off it? Did you lose much hair off it or are you like me with lots of ground covered in hts? It's bit akwward for me as what to do because I was a diffuse thinner within my nw5 shape before hts there's likely to be a lot of native thin hair between my ht grafts so I'm not sure what Impact the native hair is having and like I say don't know if I could widen to nw6.
  8. David what is your finesteride intake now? Dose? days? Have you kept your hair with reduction? I'm debating cutting down now from 1.25mg once a day to every other day. Because I've had thousands of grafts through nw5a shape I suppose I'm concerned my sides could widen if off finesteride maybe it would stay strong in 5a shape where hts been but widen to nw6 Does anyone else have any reduction experiences now as this post is a few years old.
  9. Have you had anymore work or was this your life final result? Do you still have it long like this? Reason I ask is I played with long hair like this but felt I couldn't let it just hang naturaly without revealing weaknes which was pointless for me having to perfectly style my hair every time the wind blew it which is a lot when your hair is long. Also it was really awkward to have top hair swooping back then side hanging down and if I tried other styles like centre parting or side parting felt the parting looked too thin.
  10. I don't wanna take over someone elses thread but I just made a comment about minoxidil yesterday. Go here I can go into more detail there if you want http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/179311-bonkerstonker-new-hair-transplant.html
  11. Yes true but for me it's his hair quality that sends it into wow factor with great surgeon and like you say lot of grafts around small area with native hair all adds up to give him amazing result.
  12. Thanks Rev. Yes you too garage cheers for your help mate.
  13. Hi everyone just a quick update my details are not mega accurate as I'm kind of lost my self with everything over the years hair loss is not really something I think about anymore and haven't done for a long time but I really wanted to get a decent scar to end my journey. So I went in for scar revision last week with Dr Wong I've had 6 transplants now I wanted least amount of grafts out of scar as I wasn't fussed about more hair but 500 ish came out pushing me to over 11500 grafts Dr Wong said I could probably have another 5000 grafts out in future if I needed it as I'm a stretchy freak this also is probably why I don't get 1mm scars like a lot of you do so that's fair enough. I put about 480 in my crown and 20 in a scar in my chin from a old mma boxing scar on my face unfortunately I scratched one graft out of my chin while was sleeping but that's ok. Dr Wong just cut small patch of hair out of my crown and left me a long comb over to hide the work and my scar is invisible now but we all know scar size is not confirmed until about 6 months post op so fingers crossed. There's no point in adding pictures now as there's not much difference since my last op but I'll post new pics in 6 months. If you wanna see my journey please click link to my blog below. Oh one other thing I decided last year to stop using minoxidil after about 15 years of use I was a little concerned but felt it was worth the risk and would you believe it nothing happened I lost no hair at all so I'm rid of that drug now but i still use finesteride. Thanks