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Wondering if this can be fixed ...

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Hiya - I'm a 48 year old male who, in my teens, used to color my hair platinum blonde from like, a medium brown. In 1986 (so 27 or 28 years ago) the girl doing my hair that particular time completely overdid it and took it to the point of burning my hair. My scalp also had a burning sensation. Over the next few years bits of my hair would fall out and I didn't think much about it for some reason. It's gotten to the point where, according to the Norwood chart I'm Norwood Level V. I've been using Nioxin for the past 4 or 5 months and, while it showed some immediate growth on my crown, after that spurt it has died off to almost nothing at all since. Is there something else shampoo or "vitamin" wise you can suggest for someone with my situation - ie not treating it since 1986, my age, etc?



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Be careful not to use the nioxin more than a couple times a week. I don't use it at all. Finasteride and minoxidil are going to be your best bet.


Honestly, people try to come up with reasons that they bald, but chances are very favorable that a NW V pattern is not caused by a harsh bleach, and is in fact caused by your genetics. It is a good sign if you had a boost from Nioxin that finasteride and minox will help. IMO, those are the only widely used products at this time that are really any good for hair loss caused from MPB.

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Well, hell, I was using it several times a week - almost every day, in fact.


And, actually, I'm 100% honest here. My father has a completely full head of hair at 73, as did my grandfather on my mother's side until he passed. I never met my grandfather on my father's side, only my stepgrandfather, I guess you would call it..

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