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capillus 272 laser cap

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hello everbody! i recently came across this machine is a laser cap capillus 272, i did a laser threatement before for about a year ad a half and got amazing results, I've been trying to look more into this machine its about 2500$ and would like to ask those who are somewhat familiar with this their thoughts on it.


i was even told that if you were to use this a few months before hair transplant you wouldn't experience shock loss.


i will be having a ht soon and I'm considering getting one of this laser machines to help the new hair


any help would be much appreciated!


thank you all!

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hey guys! yes i did i actually bought it for myself; I called a doctor in miami and he connected me with National Hair centers; he explained eberyting about the cap as well, advised to use it even before ht so the scalp is stronger i started using it about a week before ht and man i just have to say that besides the ht going great; the hairs are getting thicker all around, im a believer in laser so i invested those 2500$ on it. They also offer payments.


I was told that the power and laser that the comb has doesn't compare at all to the cap; that cap is much for powerful you should see that thing is a nice machine.


it seems to be working well for me; i think if you do ht and through the growth time you add laser you should expect good results; i have to add that i started using this machine about a week prior to my ht, and exactly 2 days after ht started using it again, would sit it right above my head while laying down; and i never experienced shock loss which i was very happy about.


good luck!

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