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2600 grafts ADHI Pune India


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The plan was to have 4200 grafts. 3000 head to head and 1200 body to hair as my donor area was not enough. I ended up having a total of 2600 head to head and 0 body to hair as I want to come back in a few months and try and extract more from donor area and minimise the amount I use body to hair


Cost 1.5k rupees for 4200 grafts or ?1400 this price excludes medication but includes all aftercare such as cleaning, removing clots etc..


I'd appreciate any views, opinions of progress so far. Procedure was done over 2 days on 19th and 20th jan 2014







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Guest amitsharma

Hey that's great :) I have been a patient of ADHI for hair transplant. The office staff is simply the BEST. They have team of great doctors who truly cares about their patients. In consultation they listen to the patients & give them proper guidance regarding procedure. I am a young boy who was suffering from severe hair loss. I almost lost my confidence & my self-esteem due to hair loss. ADHI helped me gain my hair, my confidence and my life back. I owe my happiness to ADHI. Their treatment plan worked wonders for me. I am so glad I came across their name on Google search & choose ADHI for this best decision.

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