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  1. Considering Smp after failed fue. I'm located round leicester. Where is closest and best place to go.?
  2. I went to a company called ADHI in Pune, India, they gave me a total of 4100 grafts in Jan 2014 which only covered my frontal region of head. Problem I have they have now said my donor area is too weak to support any more extraction and having a look at my donor area I have to agree. The frontal area grew well but I decided to shave it off as it looked stupid to have growth at the front and bald patch in the middle and back. Now that I have shaven my head my head looks silly with a patch of hair at front. I have discussed this situation with ADHI and they have suggested I go for a lace now. I tried a lace from a UK based co. but it just hasn't worked out due an excessive scalp sweating issue I have which affects the bonding of lace to my scalp, plus the whole maintenance issue with I lace I'd rather not have Any advice on what to do welcome.
  3. Not a fan of side effects of propecia and to be honest I've got very little hair to save so I can't see how either products will help my situation
  4. First procedure done Jan 14, 2nd Procedure done April 14, so its been about 15 months since first procedure
  5. I had first procedure done in Jan 14, then 2nd procedure April 14, So its been 15 months since I had first procedure done
  6. I was a Norwood grade 4. I was promised full head of hair using head to head and body to hair. Total 4100 grafts. They have implanted less then a quarter. The front quarter of my implanted hair has grown well but the other 3/4 of my head is bold. I don't know what to do? Company promised the earth and hasn't delivered. I can't have any more grafts as my donor area too weak now. Company was adhi in Pune India. They used technicians not renowned dr's. Any advice welcome
  7. It varies from person to person. From my personal experience the recipient area healed miles quicker then the donor area. The donor area on the other hand I suffered from pimples coming and going for up to 6 months. The redness on donor area subsided after 2 weeks. Using a mixture of betadine ointment and water helps reducing the redness and minimise the risk of infection
  8. I'd say 30 is an average age for a lot of hair transplant patients. As for choosing right dr try using a recommended dr from this site or maybe you have friends/family that have done it before with great results.? At the very least get some online consultations done with your current photos so you get an idea of how many grafts, assessment of your donor area etc..
  9. Yes no damage and I flew 2 days post op India to uk with no problems whatsoever with checking in, customs, security checks etc
  10. I would recommend you go to a reputable clinic for a free 1-1 consultation in India for an expert opinion on the density of your donor area. I used a company called adhi in pune who I would highly recommend.
  11. I'm at 5 month stage post op and still suffering the odd pimple breakout but on donor area only. I don't find any ointments, creams, or lotions of any use. I just leave it to nature to sort itself out
  12. What you've described sounds totally normal at this stage. Try using a less harsh shampoo like baby shampoo.
  13. You can fly next day but it will mean you will have to travel with a bandage. Better if you stay an extra day or 2 get bandaged removed at clinic and fly back wearing a normal baseball cap.
  14. It is normal to be asked for a deposit before ht. I had to pay 250 British pounds as a deposit and I decided to do it via western union to save on taxes and other associated fees. No problem for me doing it this way
  15. I'm Muslim so quite simply I've turned up to work with a mosque hat. Yes it's frustrating I've had a ridiculous load of questions and curiosity "what have you done"? "You gone hajj"? Etc..6 weeks have no passed all questioning has now stopped thank god. But when I do take hat off I guess I got another round of questioning!
  16. Do all your sightseeing before op. Trust me after op you won't feel like gowing anywhere. You got to remember your head will be sore and itchy at times. If they prescribe you anti bio tics which they did for me you may have loose motion which will cause weakness as your body is loosing essential fluids. After op you may experience face/forehand swelling. I went India in jan 2014 and had op done in pune India. I am so glad I did op last and laid low for 10 days after op. Yes it is frustrating and boring being confined for 10 days but if you've made such a sacrifice to have a life changing op why risk sightseeing in India in the blazing heat, humidity and of course the dust and of course the dreaded Mosquitos all things that will make you itch more and increase risk of infection and scratching implants out. Hope this helps
  17. I'm at week 7 stage and have bad pimples on my donor area my clinic said similar to above "hair being trapped underneath". I find using a cheap non drowsy anti histamine or hay fever tablet great for reducing itching and a anti fungal cream or similar prescribed by your GP My pimples still come and go donor area only but doing above helps
  18. Stick with good quality fruit and veg, fruit high in vit c such as kiwi, oranges, blueberry's etc. don't waste your money on supplements
  19. Please refer to my post below for answer to some of your questions http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/173888-2600-grafts-adhi-pune-india.html I had minimal pain because my head felt like a baloon and numb cos of all the injections, i started taking painkillers before the anaesthetic wore off so I was ok. I was wide awake and totally aware of my surroundings. My time did not drag as I decided to have a afternoon nap. I am currently at Week 6 stage and going through shedding cycle
  20. Can the saline spray be used for donor area? I'm at week 6 stage since op and my donor area still itches loads and I got a lot of sore pimples. I've tried aloe Vera and tea tree both no good for itching
  21. Injections will hurt all depends on your pain tolerance threshold. You got to remember the skin on your scalp is thin therefore a injection will feel uncomfortable. In terms of how many injections it all depends of how much work or what area of your head your having done. I had 10-15 on my donor area then another 10-15 on my implanted region. Like they say no pain no gain
  22. The itching issue clinic recommended I use mupurocin ointment, went to buy it but need a dr's prescription can't buy it over counter. My HT recommended I increase fruit and veg intake to help with healing focussing on fruits like kiwi, blueberry's etc and take a anti histamine or hay fever tablet and to my amazement the itching is gone and donor area healing well. After first op clinic recommended I go back 6-8 weeks time to complete remaining 1600 grafts needed. I emailed some photos to them a few days ago and they said my donor area not healed and I need to wait for another 2-3 months and re send them pics. I know I should wait but I'm eager to get it done cos I've only got half a job done so far and I'm getting tired of wearing caps and the constant questioning from work colleagues. As for my dr her name was dr swatti, compani called ADHI India, first ht was done at their head office in pune.
  23. Had 2600 grafts full density frontal region on 20/01/14 still got rest of my head to do wanted to know how long do I have to wait for donor area to heal before I go back to extract more? & is there anything I can do if my donor area is itching alot?
  24. The plan was to have 4200 grafts. 3000 head to head and 1200 body to hair as my donor area was not enough. I ended up having a total of 2600 head to head and 0 body to hair as I want to come back in a few months and try and extract more from donor area and minimise the amount I use body to hair Cost 1.5k rupees for 4200 grafts or ?1400 this price excludes medication but includes all aftercare such as cleaning, removing clots etc.. I'd appreciate any views, opinions of progress so far. Procedure was done over 2 days on 19th and 20th jan 2014