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Dr.Demirsoy (Turkey) or Dr.Bhatti (India)...please comment & advise


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Hello forum,


Can you please advise.

I've consulted several HT physicians online and they all seem to say I need between 3000-3500 FUE grafts.

I think I have a good donor area, the hair is very dense and thick in the donor area.


The cost is approximately the same for both the doctors. Dr. Demirsoy charges 1 euro per graft, Dr.Bhatti 1.25 USD per graft.


The situation however is that:

I am visiting Turkey in March and I'm staying in Istanbul for 4 days, so it is very convenient for me to get a HT in Istanbul. Istanbul is close to where I live in Europe, only 1.5 hrs.


For Dr.Bhatti, I will have to change several flights and the flight travel times including layover are 21 hrs while going and 38 hrs while returning. + 1 week of travel & stay


Can you please advice which doctor I should choose. My rationale is that both Dr.Bhatti & Dr.Demirsoy have been conducting transplants for quite some time now and they both are involved in the HT. Dr.Bhatti has several cases posted and I have read very good reviews, but is it worth going through all this travel and trouble or when I can get it done in Turkey.


Please advice



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If i was in you position i would be heading to Turkey. Since your already going there anyway.

India is a very long flight as you have mentioned. Both the surgeons you have mentioned have

some good results, Personally i have seen impressive work by Demirsoy in particular.

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Having recently been through this, I didn't realise how much harder and uncomfortable it was going to be after the transplant than I had anticipated. I would strongly advise going to as close a Dr as Poss. Dr Demirsoy was very very good for me and I'm very pleased with my experience. The journey back from India that you describe sounds horrendous in my opinion Post HT

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