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  1. Hi all, Thought I'd throw in another update 2 years and 2 months on. These were taken directly under a light which highlights the whiteness on my head! previous photo's were taken away from a direct light. I've also got quite a bit of clay in my hair in these photo's. As expected the crown is not thick, however it's still looking great overall. [/img] [/img]
  2. Thanks Clemens, Looks like I"ll be on the meds then forever. No biggie I guess! Hadenough2014 - sorry for missing your earlier question re curl. I guess I've always had a slight curl when it gets to a certain length. I've always had short hair and generally would have it cut around the time that the curl kicks in! In terms of the Crown... during the consultation with Dr Demirsoy I asked if, with the number of hairs he would be transplanting, he would be able to cover the crown as well. He said I would need a further procedure to get full coverage. However, he did say he would do a
  3. Merry Crimbo everyone! On Jan 3rd it'll be exactly 12 Months to the day I had the op. Here's the latest pics for you. Hope it helps everyone out who is browsing and contemplating getting it done! CLEMENS - can you clarify something for me please... I was told to take Monoxidil foam for 12 months post op. I obviously stopped for a little while but since your post where you told me to continue, I have done so. Apart from the 12 Months of Minoxidil - is there anything else I should be taking? You mentioned Finisteride a few posts ago? And should I take minoxidil foam forever
  4. I took Kelp because I've heard it's good for hair over the years. Could be a load of rubbish, but my mum always swore by it, so it must be true right... ;-) Kelp was just one a day tablets from an online vitamin store, can't remember which. Didn't use Propecia. I tried it a few years ago and it didn't seem to do anything, so I stopped using it. IMO, and obviously based on my results, Dr Demirsoy is absolutely brilliant at what he and his team do.
  5. In terms of supplements etc I took: Kelp first 8 months Biotin tablets 8 months Minoxidil Foam 8 months I was advised to take minoxidil for 12 months however I found that my hair became too long for the foam as it ended up being greasy. The crown is definitely getting better and the results so far are beyond what I thought they would be. I am not going to get any more procedures done is respect of the crown.
  6. 9 Months 3 week - Not much different to a month ago. "][/url] "][/url] "][/url] "][/url]
  7. 8 Months 3 weeks down the road. Using Minoxidil still, but have been forgetting to use it quite often over the last 2 months! "][/url]
  8. Cheers guys. I'm not going to have anything more done - the crown is still growing and I can feel new hairs sprouting through as my barber pointed out (he's very interested in my experience!). Clemens contacted me and advised that I continue Minoxidil, so I have ordered another 6 months worth. I'm also taking Kelp and Biotin Tablets each morning. Definitely one of the best decisions I've made in my life! To anyone wondering whether or not to do it.... I would say absolutely do so! :-)
  9. Well, they said use it for 6 months when I had the op, so I've now stopped. I've asked Clemens for clarification on this so will wait to hear and update!
  10. I've now stopped using Minoxidil as advised by Dr Demirsoy. This is also with styling product which can separate the hairs a bit from the top view. Let me know your thoughts!
  11. Really pleased with things so far!! Here's pics of pre op and up to now - Exactly 5 months post op: http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/172724-fue-procedure-3750-grafts-jan-02-2014-dr-demirsoy-8.html
  12. I had a procedure with Demirsoy in Jan this year. It took 14 weeks before my shedding stage stopped and the growth began, with a noticeable difference after 16 weeks (see this thread for results so far: http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/175014-demirsoy-before-after-16-weeks-3750-fue.html). Sit tight and don't worry. And make sure you are taking your Biotin Tablets, and Minoxidil. I've also been taking Kelp and have been eating a lot more Omega three via Fish.
  13. Very pleased so far. It's only just started becoming noticeable. What will month 8 be like if it's like this now!
  14. Mate, I was worried about this at first, but now, 3.5 months on, the short hair phase seems short and the hassle of a concealer and how obvious it is with such short hair wasnt worth it. Everyone I know says they can't even remember what I was like without hair now that it's back!
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