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Have any of you who have done FUE did SMP afterward?


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Hey I know SMP has its own section but I am more interested to know how FUE in particular looks with SMP because I will be doing FUE soon(April or May), I chose my doctor thanks to this website and all the information and results in it about all of the different doctors. Anyway, I am strongly considering getting SMP done after an adequate amount of time after FUE has passed, to enhance the appearance of "fullness".


Is this a good idea? Would there be complications with the SMP and the grafts? or with SMP and native hair? Have any of you done it, if so, may I see pictures?


Thank you for reading.

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It will probable enhance the FUE result, especially if, like me, you have a very pale skin and it will "trick" the eye that beneath those fully grown hair there's hair roots or even little hair just poking out.


I've heard both pro and con from SMP so I'd go very careful and pick a tattooer specized basicaly only in SMP for the best job you can ever get done.

Also, I do think tanning a bit would help as well.

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