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3 week update. HT with Dr Path


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I added some pics today. Pics are at the 3 week mark showing scar, pinkness in the front, and the crown. You can see the hairs in the crown that havent shed yet.


I feel pretty positive about it all right now. I know my hair will always be thin but thats ok for my age. I just wanted a bit of coverage. Ive been back at the gym for 2 weeks now and am pretty well back to where i was but using about 80% of my normal weights.


Still wearing a hat to work and when Im in public. No-one says anything anymore. Looking forward to xmas but I guess I'll have the damned hat on cz of the pinkness. The crown could just be a bit of sunburn but the front looks obvious.


I meet up with my gf in nz in 5 days. she lives in the USA so havent seen her for 5 months. Shes been supportive of my HT. cheers



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