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HT done with Dr. Radha


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Dear all,

I had my HT done with Dr. Radha in December'13. I will be posting my pics soon. Please visit my blog at Hair Restoration Social Network - Hair Loss Patient Blogs for a detailed account of my experience.


A question- After 3 weeks, I have been experiencing a slight discomfort in my donor area. My scalp feels a bit stretched at times and I have noticed tiny blood stains on my pillow. It is one of the stitches probably. Has any of you experienced it? I will be calling up doctor and will ask her. This is making me bit nervous.

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I read your blog.


Good luck, I feel your pain about looking strange! My hair has started to shed on one side.

4066 FUE Grafts with Dr Bhatti, India 9&10 Jan 2014


For my pics and thread click the link:http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/173658-4066-fue-grafts-dr-bhatti-india-restoring-more-than-just-hair.html

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