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Fue with Dr Erdogan or Dr Doganay, Dr Bisanga or Dr Feriduni?


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I've made my mind up that I am to stay in Europe if ever I need a FUE transplant. I'm a NW 2.7/3 with what seems to be a good donor site. I need my temples and hairline to be precise. It's caused me the most anxiety.


I was considering Dr Rahal before, but after seeing Sean's result - not that it was bad but not truly successful - and a few others who failed to update their status as well as some patients' complaints, I can safely say he is out of the question. His results have deteriorated in quality, IMO as a silent reader.


So, as for the European Docs, who would you choose and why?


Dr Hakan: He's had amazing yields with his manual punch and decent to very good hairlines. I've contacted his clinic and they sound nothing short of brillant professionals. I would most likely choose him foremost as 'filler' for density in the mid-scalp if ever I needed that. As of now I'd not hesitate to use him for my hairline either.


Dr Bisanga: From what I've read a truly sincere doctor who offers the soundest advice for a suitable(or unsuitable) candidate for HT. He has some of the most amazingly natural looking results; undetectable.


Dr Feriduni: I'd consider Dr Feriduni for my hairline and then some. I've seen some artisitc work and he seems to have dealt with some difficult cases and come out strong. He's the Rahal of old, but because he's bettered some of that Doc's results I think he has set his own trademark.


Dr Erdogan: Last but certainly not the least, Dr Erdogan has pulled of miraculous results. I only know him through his HD pics on this forum and not read much else. Those results, some of whose head shapes and hair loss patterns are similar to my own make me want to book a ticket ASAP. I have an honest doubt that he may be too aggressive wih his hairlines, but if I can only be gestured at to say he's contemplated long term hair loss, I'll be heading to Turkey.


I didn't mean for the long winded post, but if some can either correct or encourage these views, I'd be very grateful. These are the best in Europe for FUE after Lorenzo(who is outrageously expensive).





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You have a good list there.


So, as for the European Docs, who would you choose and why?
I would choose Feriduni for my hairline simply because I like his hairline designs best. That's just a personal (subjective) preference. Some great doctors listed.


.....BUT If I was wealthy I would go to Lorenzo tomorrow. In my opinion the best of the best. :)

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Of the doctors you mentioned, I think you're right about Dr. Bisanga. He has the most natural looking results. That said, I'd have to seriously consider Lorenzo as well, as he does everything from start to finish and there's a certain comfort in that.

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Among the ones you mentioned, I would say that Dr. Bisanga is the most experienced with documented results however he charges EURO 5 per graft. Erdogan & Hakan are both great choices in Turkey however the first is using manual punch while the last uses motorized tool plus choi implanter and both charges around EURO 2-2,5 per graft which is a reasonable price to me. However Dr. Feriduni is more oriented to Strip than FUE.


If you ask my opinion I would go either to Hakan or Erdogan but I prefer Hakan more due to the great communication and response. Good luck Buddy and keep up the good research :-)

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