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My transplant plan - is this a good way forward?

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I just signed up, but have been reading posts for a long time. I'm quite close to taking the plunge on a procedure, but wanted to test my approach with you all first. I have no idea if my plan makes sense, and this isn't the kind of thing where there are many impartial and experienced people to talk to in the real world!


Would any of you be able to look over this approach and let me know if it makes sense? And where it doesn't, what you would consider or do differently? Any thoughts and help here are really welcome.


My details are:



  • Male, 27 years old
  • Currently NW3 with some crown thinning. Have been losing slowly for the last 8 or so years
  • Not on propecia, after two failed trials (both times with side effects, despite sticking it out for several months). On minoxidil
  • Family history of hair loss only on father's side, where father, grandpa, uncles all proceed to NW4
  • Donor area in top 10% in density, based on seeing several docs



As for my plan and approach:


My aspiration in the long-term is to restore and retain enough coverage to have top coverage, and to keep a conservative hairline intact. I expect in the long-term I will need at least a second procedure to fill in the crown area, and perhaps more if I require additional vertex work, but frankly I could live with a slight bald spot if it came to that.


In the short term I am seeking a procedure to restore the hairline, with enough conservatism to allow me to retain grafts if needed and avoid too much 'catch up'. I expect I will continue to lose at least to my father's pattern, and am planning around this outcome. Most estimates so far have been for 1500 - 2000 grafts, based on my aspirations.


I am planning on FUE for this procedure, as it enables the most flexibility in future styling. The biggest risk for me is if I have loss far beyond my family's - it's unlikely, but it could happen. In this scenario I may need to cut my hair very short, which becomes very difficult with a strip scar.


I selected a shortlist of 10 doctors, and have visited and/or run remote consultations with all of them. My priorities in assessing them were as follows:



  • Safety - how many procedures has the doc performed, what is their reputation
  • Aesthetics - how good do the doctor's results look
  • 'Gut feel' - do I 'click' with the doctor, are there any uncertainties in my mind about them, does their approach feel right


Cost is my last priority. I do factor it in, but frankly it will only make a difference as a deciding factor for doctors who are more or less tied on the above three criteria.



I'm giving myself another six months at least until I physically go and do the procedure, and am not in a rush. If it makes sense career-wise to wait another year or two, I will. Although all else equal, I would like to do the procedure sooner rather than later.


If you were in my shoes, would you be approaching this differently? I have tried to be as rational and structured in my approach as I can, and all the docs have said I'm a good candidate, but I'm concerned I might be missing something here. This is an important decision, and I don't want to mess it up!

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Without pics to evaluate, I think you have a solid plan. FUE vs FUT is your biggest deciding factor...but it sounds like FUE is a very viable option if you are truly a NW III. Best thing going for you is you're in the top 10% of donors. In my opinion, that's a very valuable resource to have. Also, FUE is much less invasive. So if your goals can be accomplished and you feel good with your doctor (sounds like you're going through a detailed process), then it appears as though you have a good plan.


I look forward to Spanker's input here. He's a very valuable resource and objective when evaluating a plan.

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Sounds very thorough and your criteria for selecting a doc is sound. You seem patient and willing to take your time, which I believe is your greatest asset. I might suggest you give yourself even more time. Like you said, what's the hurry? No telling where the industry will be in 5-10 years. With 20 years perspective, I'm thankful I waited. If I had had a HT at your age, I would most likely be a repair case now. And when I finally got serious about it and started doing my research, my perspective changed quite a bit in a short time. It's challenging to wade through all the results and hype and ultimately listen to your gut.

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