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Im new to this...

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Sorry to hear about your thinning, but you have come to a great resource center of information!! So, welcome and ask as many questions as you want and people here will try to help answer you.


Click on the "Find a Prescreened Surgeon" link on the top left of this page to start in terms of beginning your journey in terms of choosing a doc.



That should be a good start for you. One thing, do not let location be a factor in terms of the doc you choose. There are great docs recommended on this site...going outside this list at this time is like walking through a minefield. Making the right decision in terms of docs will make this journey that much easier for you.


Do some research, ask questions, take your time in making a decision either way, and know we are all here to help!

My initial HT thread:

done and done!! Check it out...

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Hello tiff...great advice from Eman. I think that you will find surgeons who are more apt at doing HT on women than others. Before doing any surgery I would advise you to gat a thourogh physical with blood work to rule out any medical reasons for your hair thinning. Then when and if you choose a surgeon try to see as many patients (female if possible) from that surgeon...Don't beleive everything you see on the internet....Good luck


Just a thought from the peanut gallery...

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I'm a 46 year old female who had surgery with Dr Rahal in December 2008...and so far so good after 17 weeks...


Going through the first few months after HT can be very hard psychologically for a woman.


There are not too many women here, so feel free to ask me questions..I may have a few suggestions for you.


I had 1925 grafts for a total of 3675 hairs.

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Yes it is the same....I have shoulder length hair so hiding the scar was never a problem...


I had diffuse thinning of my hair mostly on top of my head due to genetics.


After surgery, the real problem is hiding the recepient area (7"X6"). Dr Rahal cut my hair very short on top of my head but he left hair at the front (hairline) which really made it easier.


I wore a headband or scarf for the first 4 months (until last week) (December 17th to April 15th). Wearing a hat to work would'nt have looked right...

As it was winter here in Canada, I think that also made it easier to wear a hat outside.


Right after the surgery my native hair started to grow immediately but I was not able to leave the house without something on my head for 4 months.


My "new" hair is really starting to grow now....I can't really see a difference from before as of now but I'm sure that I will in the next few months.


Do a search for more of my comments on the aftermath of the procedure. Do a search for Goldilocks who also had the surgery the year before to fix a receeding hairline.


Hope this helps.

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