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Hair Transplant with Dr Hakan

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Hi Guys, Finally transplant done with Dr Hakan on 9th November in Turkey .1 day session approx 4100 unit transplanted.I am posting few pictures, my apology if picture quality is not great as this is phone camera results.I have requested Dr Hakan's team to send me official pictures.

First picture pre Op

Remaining picture immediately post op and then 3rd day, 1 ,2 ,3, and approx 6 week post op results.

Will keep you updated in future.













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Hi sarang


Great results , looking at your treatment pre and post is very similar to mine , 4200 grafts with fue 5 days ago , recovery mode at the moment , please see my threads for more details .


Have you any recent pics as your treatment was done in 2013 ?

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Man you have the same exact hair loss pattern in front as i do but in more advanced NW scale. I also have lost more hair on my right side than on left. Had HT done by Dr Hakan as well start of March 2014.


You progress looks great. Seeing patients of Dr Hakan with good progress makes me so hopeful for mine :) ...

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