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Hi all


Why is it that the Turkish clinics tend to recommend much larger sessions than others in Europe? I have sent my pics to several clinics around Europe who all suggest between 1700-2000 grafts. The 2 Turkish clinics i sent them too (Erdogan & Dogonay) suggested between 3000-3800.


Im only 29 years old surely this cant be wise? If they dont grow as expected or i lose more hair as is likely i will be screwed won't i?



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When i was looking around, i thought the same, but quickly realisted that (particularly in the UK) they would quote enough grafts to show a difference, but that would make you want (AND PAY FOR) a second, expensive procedure.


The people i spoke to in Turkey gave more realistic graft figures and were just concerned with getting the best results.


I ended up having 2,800 grafts and know that if i'd gone for the 1,200 grafts i'd been quoted in the UK, i would've been both dissapointed and saving up for a second run, just to get me to where i am now.


There is also the fact that they often work longer hours and are often faster due to larger teams and newer techniques, so can commit to bigger numbers.


Hope this helps



2800 FUE, Istanbul

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I pretty much second Rob, his view on the issue is right on target. We have the same types of clinics here too in Turkey. The ones that would do a little just to make you come back for more and make you spend more than you should.


The doctors that you have consulted in Istanbul are very good and respectable HT surgeons. We have not worked with them but being in the industry you get to know good from the not so good.


And your worry about age, the mentioned surgeons are not the types that would exhaust your donor area there consultation is a mix of your age, hair loss time and your donor area health.


So If you are seriously planning on HT surgery just check out the credentials of the doc's giving you consultations. If there patient response is good then trust me the numbers that they are telling are what a successful count should be.

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