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Hi everyone! I'm a 32 year old guy who has undergone a 3000 graft FUE transplant 2 months ago. I plan on starting a steriodcycle including deca(nandrolone) which is mild on the hair and a very small dose of testosterone.


Now, My question is: Will this steroidcycle interfere or damage the transplanted hair since it is still on the recovery phase? Will it somehow inhibit the healing or disturb the hair from growing?


please, stay on topic and please no comments on that steroids are bad and that I shouldnt use them, just help me get these answers, thank you!

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No Doc but I can tell you that the cycle will for sure effect the existing hair hopefully you're taking something to stop DHT but keep in mind no drug can 100% stop MPB. I highly doubt that the cycle will have any effect on the outcome of your HT, especially with a very small amount of test .


Good luck on your HT :)

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