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Please Help!! Need some advice

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hey Guys,


Ive been researching for some time now, and I am ready to pull the trigger..

Based on my pictures which method would you suggest FUT and FUE? How many grafts? Do you think I am a good candidate?


I am worried about the scar showing with FUT, and also if I progress later I could never shave down... I hear with FUT I could get more grafts and better results.. is this true?


I am 32 years old, been on FIN for 10 years with no sides and I do have a strong family history of MPB..

I would really appreciate some feedback!


First three pictures are straight out of the shower, combed back..

Last three and hair dry, and ready to leave for work..









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Looks like you're in a great position. If I had to put a number on it I'd say 3,000 grafts.


Maybe shave your head to see if this is something that really appeals to you.


If you're in the UK then go to see the Farjo's or consider a trip to Belgium to get some opinions on FUE/FUT.

4,312 FUT grafts (7,676 hairs) with Ray Konior, MD - August 2013

1,145 FUE grafts (3,152 hairs) with Ray Konior, MD - August 2018

763 FUE grafts (2,094 hairs) with Ray Konior, MD - January 2020

Proscar 1.25mg every 3rd day

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thanks for your feedback Matt! Its all very confusing with all the FUE vs. FUT debates going on.. I think given my family history, I should do a FUT to have some extra grafts for later..


Yeah, 3,000 grafts would be plenty; I was in your position, and two procedures (about 3,300 grafts total) later I'm pretty well off, and you don't even seem to have the thinning crown like me.


FUT may be a better idea for now due to the cost per graft, and the (supposedly) better yield, although if you have the cash and don't want a scar, FUE wouldn't be a bad choice at all.

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