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Dr. Charles, Boca Raton 2,049 HT


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I had 2,049 grafts done by the best HT professional in his field, Charles Medical Group in Boca Raton, FL. After much research and having 3 other procedures done in NY about 15 years ago this was no easy decision. I had numerous concerns and memories of the last 3 procedures that were old school hair transplants.

Dr. Charles is a friendly type for a doctor and is truely concerned about your final outcome. He made the procedure so much easier than what I remembered with my other procedures.

Last procedure 15 years ago I walked out of the doctors office with a head bandage and I looked like I had brain surgery.

I would highly recommend Dr. Charles and if you have any fears this is the guy you want to talk to.

Only time will tell how my HT will turn out, but I know it was 1000% better than what I had done 15 years ago, and with much less pain. Awesome job and grateful patient.

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