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after 10 weeks, where is my normal hair :(


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hallo everybody.


after 10 weeks almost nothing is happing with my normal hair, i get my hair done in istanbul in istanbul hair center, it was a strange operation, because it was a different person taken the hair out, and different person too make the i think it names the deep, and when their will put the hair in, it was 4 people at the same puttering the hair hair in, i do hope everything is ok, their say there was about 3000 graft, but so you can see i have more hair before, do i suffer of a shook loss ? :( i have post up some picture before, and 10 weeks after, and just after the operation








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Relax. You have shock loss which is normal for a lot of guys. Assuming everything was done right the shocked hair should start to regrow in a month or two and then it will get better from there on. You are in the middle of the classic "ugly duckling stage".

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